The Furnace Rheometer System FRS for the Measurement of Glass Melts

The Furnace Rheometer Systems (FRS) are ideal for viscosity and rheological measurements of samples at up to 1730 °C sample temperature. The wide torque range enables an unsurpassed viscosity range for measurements above 600 °C, which makes it the perfect device for all melts, starting from low viscous metal melts to the high viscous glass melts. This report presents the FRS and shows typical tests using glass melts. The combination of normal force measurements with rotational and oscillatory tests enables the comprehensive characterization of glass melts, including melting, the rheological behavior at isothermal conditions, and cooling/solidification.

Before going to mass production, newly-developed, glass-type materials need to be tested in small-scale laboratory experiments. Whether the chemical composition of the glass is changed or a new treatment technique is involved, the physical properties of the glass sample are affected. Of special interest for further processing are the viscosity values of glass in a molten state. Knowledge about the softening point and melting point as well as about the temperature-dependent viscosity function is crucial for applications. As the measurements above 1000 °C cannot be performed with a standard rheometer, a special device is required.

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