The Aerosol Adapter: density measurements out of spray cans with DMA 501, DMA 1001 and DMA M

The Aerosol Adapter is a special filling device to introduce volatile liquids contained in aerosol cans at pressure of up to 10 bar into a DMA desktop density meter.


Sometimes it may be required, e.g. by respective packaging regulations, that not only the weight, but also the volume of a liquid be printed on the can. Frequently, the volume of the liquid in the can cannot be measured directly, but it can be determined by dividing the weight of the liquid by its density. The deviation from the amount indicated on the can is sought to be as small as possible. Underfilling is heavily fined. Overfilling, on the other hand, adds to production costs.

To minimize costs and avoid penalty, reliable and accurate measurements of weight and density are indispensable to make sure that the filled volume in the spray can is as close as possible to the target value. Anton Paar offers instrumentation for accurate and reliable digital density measurement of pressurized fluids.

The liquid in the can consists of propellant, solvent, active agents, additives, etc. The propellant is used to build up pressure in the can, so that a continuous stream of spray can be drawn from the can by pushing the spray nozzle.

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