Temperature Controlled Humidity Study of Trehalose Using X-ray Powder Diffraction

In-situ XRD study with controlled variation of temperature and humidity using the CHC plus+ by Anton Paar

Trehalose is a naturally occurring non-reducing disaccharide consisting of two glucose molecules. It plays an important role in plant cells to prevent proteins and other molecules from damage upon freezing.

Understanding of the stability conditions and properties of the different phases is essential for the optimization of production processes and storage conditions for drugs. In the past X-ray diffraction studies near the stability limits were difficult due to instrumental limitations.

With the CHC plus+ Cryo- and Humidity Chamber it is possible for the first time to measure X-ray diffraction data at relative humidities (rH) from 0 to 95 % and at sample temperatures (T) between 25 and 80 °C. Data can not only be recorded in the common way by varying the humidity at constant temperature, but also by varying the temperature at constant humidity and by following the dew point curve.

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