Take the Fast Lane - Replace Titration with Refractometry

Abbemat refractometers can be used for fast and highly accurate concentration measurement of binary chemical solutions. Compared to titration the Abbemat refractometer requires less sample volume, is more robust, and requires no maintenance, inspection effort, consumables, or sample preparation.


Approximately 20 % of our refractometer sales go to chemical manufacturers. However, it is not only companies in the chemical industry that want to check their products. In almost every industrial area the quality and the concentration of incoming goods have to be checked before further processing. Many processes define titration as the method of choice if a concentration measurement is necessary. However, compared to refractometry this is a timeconsuming and labor-intensive process. Abbemat refractometers can measure the concentration of binary solutions by using smaller sample volumes. This is also more environmentally friendly and less dangerous for the operator and the surrounding area

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