Sustainable Gas Pycnometry Measurements: How to Conserve Helium

The scarcity and subsequent increasing costs of helium make alternatives to it in gas pycnometry measurements attractive. The Anton Paar Ultrapyc series can use other gases, such as nitrogen, for skeletal density measurements.

Traditionally, helium has been used for gas pycnometry measurements because of its ideal gas behavior and ability to access all of a material’s pores. But, with current helium scarcities and the expectation that the largest helium reserve will be depleted by 2025, researchers have begun to look for alternative, accurate ways of obtaining the same high-quality data.

To aid researchers in their quest for a more sustainable and cost-effective measurement technique, a wide variety of sample types were analyzed using an Anton Paar Ultrapyc 5000 with nitrogen and helium. A comparison of the data from these sample measurements is reported here.

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