Surface Area Determination of Battery Cathode and Anode Materials

Corporations and professionals in the battery industry are always in search of the most efficient and safe battery technologies to fuel the energy needs of our world today and into the future. In order to optimize their design efforts, battery developers rely on accurate characterization of the physical properties of the components used in their designs.

Why measure the surface area of battery materials?

Surface area is a critical property for battery components including anodes, cathodes, and even separator materials. Surface area differences affect performance characteristics such as capacity, impedance, and charging and discharging rates. Deviations from expected surface area can also indicate impurities or undesirable particle size for component manufacturers.

Using the NOVAtouch, the specific surface area (SSA) of the components and raw materials used in manufacturing batteries can be accurately and reproducibly measured. This information allows the developers and manufacturers of batteries to better control the performance, quality, and consistency of the end products.

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