Surface Area and Skeletal Density of Alumina in Quality Control Applications

Alumina manufacturers require the ability to rapidly characterize batches of their material for BET surface area and skeletal density. Characterization occurs during, and at the end of, the manufacturing process to determine if a batch passes specifications. The Anton Paar AutoFlow BET+ and Ultrapyc series instruments allow for fast measurement and calculation of these crucial properties.


Aluminum oxide (alumina) is an abundant naturally occurring material used in a wide variety of industries such as personal care, biomedical, automotive, defense, and electronics due to its superior physical and mechanical, chemical, thermal, and electrical properties. The chemical and physical properties of alumina can vary widely based on origin and/or synthesis method and these varied properties, particularly surface area and density, determine suitability for the alumina’s final application.

For alumina manufacturers, quality control laboratories require that material characterization be performed as quickly and accurately as possible. For many materials, properties such as BET specific surface area (SSA) and skeletal density are crucial for manufacturers to ensure their materials are consistent across batches.

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