Stir up your measurements: Measuring different particle sizes in one sample

Litesizer DIA 500 enables straightforward characterization of particle size and shape through direct analysis of particle images. This capability extends beyond monomodal samples to include particle mixtures encompassing various size classes.

Litesizer DIA 500 has been developed for the purpose of characterizing the size and shape of particles through dynamic image analysis. This state-of-the-art instrument is capable of measuring particles within the expansive range of 0.8 to 8000 μm, providing a comprehensive analysis of size, shape, and images for both liquid and dry samples.
To ensure the precision and resolution of measurement devices, certified particle standards of defined sizes are used. An inherent challenge faced by these devices lies in accurately distinguishing between different particle sizes within a given sample, a scenario often encountered when determining the size of polydisperse samples or samples of very wide particle size distribution.
This application report investigates Litesizer DIA 500 and an alternative instrument, focusing particularly on their ability to resolve particle mixtures. The primary emphasis is directed towards the liquid dispersion.

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