Shear Brilliance: Probing into Filling Fat Crystallization Dynamics

This study investigates filling fat crystallization using ViscoQuick, discerning distinct behaviors based on Solid Fat Content (SFC) curves. Findings highlight non-crystallization in specific Ertifils, incompatibility between coconut fat and cocoa butter, and delayed crystallization in mixtures. The study validates ViscoQuick for quality control and product development in the chocolate industry.

The crystallization behavior of chocolate as well as the crystallization of fillings including filling fats is an important quality aspect within the chocolate manufacturing and essential for process control. Poor crystallization of fillings results in fat bloom on chocolate products, may cause issues during production and affects the sensory properties negatively.
The cooling or tempering process of fillings occurs under shear conditions. Shear is besides the correct temperature a key factor for the success of these processes.
Therefore, a rheological method has been developed to characterize the crystallization of filling fats under controlled temperature and shear conditions. The method is suitable to be applied within product development as well as quality control and can be used for filling fats and fat-based fillings.

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