Sealed-Vessel Chemistry in a Glove Box

Chemical syntheses, which require completely water- and/or oxygen-free conditions, were so far difficult to perform under high-temperature sealed-vessel conditions, since dedicated microwave reactors are usually too big and not approved for operation in a glovebox. Finally, with the compact Monowave 50 reactor, sealed-vessel chemistry can be performed easily under inert conditions inside a glovebox.


When regularly chemical reactions at elevated conditions have to be performed under inert atmosphere it would be beneficial to operate the entire instrument in a glovebox rather than just manipulating individual vials and then transferring them to the instrument located elsewhere.

The size of popular microwave reactors as well as their need for compressed air connection prevents their use in a glovebox which required the development of suitable workarounds. The compact conventionally heated synthesis reactor Monowave 50, which effectively mimics reaction conditions of microwave reactors, can be easily introduced in a commonly sized glovebox to perform reactions under inert atmosphere as intended.

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