Rheological Powder Measurements on Coffee Creamer


Coffee creamer is a powdered milk substitute for coffee and tea. Due to its extended shelf life it is often used in hot-beverage vending machines. A further advantage of coffee creamer is that it does not dilute the hot beverage. In contrast to milk powder, coffee creamer is generally produced with vegetable fats. Different varieties are available, such as lactose-free coffee cream or a pure vegetable variant (no casein). Coffee creamer is produced by various drying technologies and thus, a quantitative evaluation of the process is generally required. Moreover, the product is often conveyed and dosed by pneumatic means, which can be optimized by applying powder rheology measurements. [1]

The Anton Paar Powder Rheometer provides fast and reliable methods in order to analyze and evaluate coffee creamer (and further bulk solids) for quality control and process optimization.

[1] Tetra Pak Processing GmbH: Handbuch der Milchund Molkereitechnik, Verlag Th. Mann GmbH


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