Rheological Measurements at High Pressures and Low Temperatures

In geotechnical and petroleum engineering, special drilling fluids are essential for the removal of cuttings, maintaining the wellbore’s stability or sealing permeable formations. The Pressure Cell 1000 bar with the low-temperature option allows determination of brine fluid crystallization behavior at simulated field conditions prior to drilling.

When drilling offshore, high pressure levels and low temperatures occur in the well. This combination makes it extremely difficult to design a suitable drilling fluid which provides the desired properties at field conditions. The Anton Paar Pressure Cell 1000 bar with the lowtemperature option allows rheological measurements up to 1000 bar within a temperature range of -30 to 300 °C (-22 to 572 °F). Thus, brine fluids can be predesigned, which increases both safety and costefficiency. Formation of crystalline structures due to low temperatures leads to a higher viscosity of the brine. By applying pressure, the crystallization onset shifts to lower values. Crystallization onset temperatures of various samples at different pressure levels can, therefore, be determined quickly and accurately.

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