Reference Oils | User Adjust and Measurement of Reference Oils with the RheolabQC

This report shows how to perform a user adjust in air and measurements of reference oils with the software RheoCompass™. It is also explained how measuring systems can be calibrated stand-alone or with RheoCompass™.

User Adjust

The user adjust on the RheolabQC is an adjustment in air that is performed on the instrument either in stand-alone mode or software-controlled and without measuring system. It should be carried out regularly (e.g. once a month).

In stand-alone mode the RheolabQC shows a message (immediately after switching it on, shown on the picture) if more than the allowed interval (per default it is set to 90 days) has passed since the last adjust. It is possible to adapt the adjust warning to another interval by tapping: "Setup > Options > Adjust Warning".

A user adjust can also be performed with the RheoCompass™ software. A RheoCompass™ software version ≥ 1.21 and a RheolabQC firmware version ≥ 1.33 is needed for that. Using RheoCompass™ the date and time of the last user adjust can be checked in “Setup > Devices > RheolabQC > Adjustments”.

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