Rapid Size Determination of CdSe Quantum Dots Synthesized by Microwave Irradiation

The particle size and size distribution of CdSe quantum dots, synthesized by using the Monowave 300 reactor was rapidly determined with the SAXSpace system.


Quantum dots are nano-sized semiconducting particles. They exhibit exceptional photo-physical properties which strongly depend on their size.

Traditionally, quantum dots are produced by conven-tional wet-chemical synthesis techniques, however, microwave irradiation as a non-classical source of energy has become increasingly popular due to its short synthesis time. Modern microwave synthesis reactors provide easy handling as well as precise and fast heating during synthesis.

Small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) is the perfect tool for optimizing the synthesis of nanoparticles, because it quickly and precisely determines the size and size distribution of intermediate and final particles during all stages of the synthesis.

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