Quantification of the Load Velocity Performance Limit of Tribological Coatings via a Breakaway Friction Bench Mark Test Method

Solid coatings on surfaces are commonly used in various fields of applications wherein such surfaces are subjected to tribological interactions. Different aspects of these coatings, such as their adhesion to the substrate, uniformity, etc., have a significant influence on the performance of such coatings, including their longevity. In this context, the current report presents a test methodology to investigate such samples in terms of their frictional and wear behaviour.

Tribology deals with the interaction of surfaces in relative motion and the resulting friction and wear. It is commonly known, that excessive friction causes loss of efficiency and subsequent heat generation and wear can lead to premature failure of parts. To counteract such failure mechanisms, different forms of lubrication are commonly employed. These lubricants could be in the form of liquids, paste-like, or even solids incorporated in a matrix. Alternatively, a surface can also be coated with a polymeric layer which acts as a lubricating layer.

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