QC of polymers using Lyza 7000 FTIR spectrometer

Polymers fulfill a huge variety of functions due to their different physical and chemical properties. In order to always produce the same product with the same quality, the final product needs to be checked. By using Lyza 7000 and its integrated analysis methods, it is possible to verify a sample in less than a minute and receive a full QC measurement report. FTIR is the ideal tool for quick and accurate quality control of polymers.

Polymers cannot be distinguished by just looking at them, but their composition is essential to meet the needs of the application. Therefore, raw materials and finished products need to be verified.

FTIR is the ideal tool for quick and reliable verification of polymers because it is a non-destructive technique with measurement times of under a minute.

Lyza 7000 can perform verification measurements and their interpretation automatically, presenting the user with a PASS or FAIL immediately.

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