QC of aqueous urea solutions used as NOx reducing agents for combustion engines: Lyza 7000

Spectral comparison analysis by Lyza 7000 FTIR spectrometer ensures adherence to ISO 22241 and ISO 18611 for quality control of aqueous urea solutions (AdBlue®, AUS 32, AUS 40, DEF Diesel exhaust Fluid, ARLA32 Automotive Liquid Reducing Agent). This technique provides a fast, precise method for verifying urea concentration and identifying impurities, essential for maintaining the quality of aqueous urea solutions and the efficiency of emission control systems.

The Lyza 7000 FTIR spectrometer represents an ideal solution for the quality control of aqueous urea solutions, offering precise verification analysis of its FTIR spectrum. With its capability to quickly analyze samples against established standards, the Lyza 7000 ensures that the quality requirements essential for efficient emission control are strictly met.

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