Properties of Organic Solvents

The use of organic solvents in microwave-assisted applications like solvent extraction or synthesis requires some knowledge about the properties of the solvents applied. This document also contains vapor pressure diagrams, which are of special importance to find the proper temperature and pressure limits for extraction applications using closed vessel systems.

Use these diagrams to find out the maximum operating temperatures for a certain solvent:

  • Determine the temperature at 18 bar. If solvent mixtures are used, the solvent with the lowest temperature value has to be chosen.
  • The maximum operating temperature should stay 5-10 °C below the temperature at 18 bar.
  • Do not exceed these temperature values when programming a method to avoid safety disk venting.
  • Set the IR limit approx. 20 °C lower than the programmed maximum inner temperature (p/Tsensor). For example, for a maximum inner temperature of 120 °C the IR limit should be around 100 °C.

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