Powder Shear Cell: Temperature Influence on the Flowability of Polyvinylchloride Powder

Polyvinylchloride (PVC) is a commodity plastic used in many applications. During production it is commonly transported in its powdered form through the use of pneumatic conveying. This transport process however reveals surprising complexities that arise from the use of screw extruders and the modification of PVC powder. The powder shear cell proves to be a valuable tool for investigating the impact of these process conditions on the powder behavior of PVC.

Next to the production itself the transport of a good within or outside of its production site is one of the most important considerations for manufacturing. Multiple steps need to be in sync and improvements to one step do not necessarily transfer to another. Such is the case in this study.

PVC powder is produced in a reactor and then pneumatically transported throughout the plant to the site of screw extruders. Changes in the formulation of the powder, in this case the change of an extruder lubricant can have effects on the whole process chain.

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