Polymers, Resins | Rotational Viscosity Testing of Polymers and Epoxy Resin with Cone-Plate Geometries

Viscosity testing of raw materials is very important because it determines the application and furthermore influences the properties of the end product. ViscoQC 100/300 in combination with PTD 100 Cone-Plate accessory is ideally suited for quality control during production of those chemical products.

This application report shows how polymer and epoxy resin samples can be measured using the rotational viscometer ViscoQC 100/300 in combination with the PTD 100 Cone-Plate accessory and cone-plate (CPxx) measuring systems.

The extremely low sample volume (2 mL to 0.5 mL) needed for one measurement, the closed measurement environment and ease of use make this configuration perfectly suited for measuring potentially harmful chemical samples. Moreover, high shear rate measurements of up to 1,875 s-1 (depending on the cone-plate measuring system used) are feasible if required for the application.

The viscosity of raw materials gives information about their physical differences, their processability and handling. Additionally, the viscosity of those samples defines the properties of the end product and its final application. Therefore, viscosity measurements are an essential part of quality control of raw material producers and epoxy resin/polymer manufacturers.

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