PNR 12: Consistency of Syrup

The sensory analysis of a food is essential in order to be able to evaluate the quality of the product. Consistency is an important part of the sensory analysis. Our PNR 12 provides reliable consistency measurement results and helps to detect small differences in the product.

Syrups are viscous, concentrated solutions made from sugary liquids through cooking and other processes.

Small differences in the composition of the ingredients, e.g. sugar, can lead to different consistency values.

In the food technology, consistency measurement has different applications and is an essential tool for quality control, product characterization and process monitoring.

Our PNR 12 can perform consistency measurement of syrup samples.

During the development process of a new product, the PNR 12 can facilitate the sensory analysis of food for consistency in order to find the most attractive consistency for the end consumer. The PNR 12 can now bring a consistency value to the perception of sensory analysis testing personnel.

If a suitable product is found, consistency measurement can be used as fast method for the in-process control during the production process.

Before launching the final product on the market, the food quality control department must carry out various physical, chemical, and biological investigations.

Consistency measurement can be covered with the PNR 12.

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