PNR 12: Consistency of Greases According to DIN ISO 2137

Anton Paar ProveTec participates annually in interlaboratory studies for greases according to DIN ISO 2137 with PNR 12 and achieves top results.

At the interlaboratory study organized by VSI-Schmierstoffe = Verband Schmierstoffe-Industrie e.V. (German Lubricants Manufacturers Association) grease samples have been tested successfully with PNR 12.

Quality and reliability of test results are essential for laboratories. Round robins are a valuable tool for laboratories and instrument manufacturers worldwide to conduct equal tests on the same material in accordance with the same test method. All test results of the laboratories are evaluated by arranging a statistical analysis.

The participation at interlaboratory studies can give you the assurance that your device supplies correct measurement results if your device is within the reproducibility of all participating instruments.

Anton Paar ProveTec GmbH regularly participates in interlaboratory studies.

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