Petrochemicals | Viscosity Measurement of Asphalt with RheolabQC

This report shows how the measurement of asphalt binders, bitumen and asphalts can be performed according to ASTM D4402 and AASHTO T316-11 with the rotational rheometer RheolabQC.

Knowledge of the viscosity of asphalt binders and bitumen at manufacturing and construction temperatures is very important as this will give information about:

  • Pumpability: The ability of the asphalt binder to be pumped between for example storage containers or tanks and the manufacturing plant.
  • Mixability: The ability of the asphalt binder to be properly mixed with additives, fillers and other components during the manufacturing process.
  • Workability: The ability of the resultant Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) to be placed and compacted with reasonable effort.

The underlying ASTM D4402 and AASHTO T316-11 describe the procedure for measuring the apparent viscosity of asphalt binders, bitumen and asphalt at elevated temperatures using a rotational rheometer equipped with a temperature device for maintaining the test temperature.

Both norms are very closely related (for more information see e.g. ASTM D6373 „Standard Specification for Performance Graded Asphalt Binder“) and can be measured with the same type of measurement on the RheolabQC.

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