Petrochemicals | Measurement of gear oil at low temperatures according to DIN 51398

Adequate lubrication behavior of lubricants is essential for a proper operation of mechanical devices. Low-temperature viscosity measurements according to DIN 51398 prove the suitability of these fluids to guarantee proper operation of mechanical devices.

The low-temperature viscosity of gear oils, transmission fluids, and other lubricants is important for the proper operation of many mechanical devices. Manufacturers have to ensure that these fluids provide an adequate lubrication to critical parts under low temperature conditions.

One crucial function is an oil's fluidity at low ambient temperatures. The use of unsuitable lubricants may result in dry gears and bearings, difficult starting and shifting, quick wear, and deterioration of engines and chassis. The test procedure according to DIN 51398 proves the suitability of fluids for low ambient temperatures. The test method is similar to ASTM D2983. The difference between those standards is the cooling rate which in further consequence influences the viscosity result. Due to the fast cooling rate specified by DIN 51398, viscosity results might be lower than when measured according to ASTM D2983.

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