Personal Care | Rotational Viscosity Testing of Personal Care Products with ViscoQC

Perfectly adjusted viscosities of personal care products are guaranteed using the ViscoQC series. From quick single point measurements to easy and fast yield point determinations of gels and lotions; ViscoQC enables high quality end products.


Investigating the flow behavior of personal care products is a major step in their quality control process. Certain products like gels or lotions need to have a specific viscosity to ensure smooth application and to meet customer expectations. A parameter of special interest is the yield stress, which defines the force needed at which a material starts to flow. It has an influence on how materials can be processed e.g. the pumping and mixing speed. Furthermore, it plays an important role during application of the end product e.g. squeeze lotions, gels or toothpastes out of the tube; when applying lotions to the skin or when styling your hair with gel. A well-adjusted yield stress ensures easy application and therefore customer satisfaction.

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