Particle Morphology Differentiation on the Basis of Powder Flow Behavior


The morphology of a particle is one of its major characteristics and has a large influence on a powder’s properties such as its flow behavior, tensile strength and internal friction angle. The manufacturing process often greatly influences particle shape. For example, particles produced by different drying technologies (spray drying, drum drying) display different morphologies, which in turn affects flow properties. Knowledge of particle shape is therefore crucial when, for instance, powders have to be pneumatically conveyed and problems occur due to discrepancies in their flow behavior.

Until recently, particle morphology was essentially characterized by microscopic methods. However, these techniques do not provide any information on the powder’s flow characteristics. Here, we show that the Anton Paar Powder Flow Cell provides an easy and time-saving method to characterize powder flow behavior. Furthermore, we demonstrate that the test results can give precious informations on particle shape. 

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