Oxygen-Free Viscosity Measurements up to 1800 °C

The atmospheric environmental conditions - especially the available oxygen – have a major impact on the physical properties, e.g. viscosity of metal or slag melts. The FRS gas-tight from Anton Paar provides a gas-sealed measuring chamber enabling oxygen-free characterization of melts up to 1800 °C furnace temperature.

High temperature processes involve increased probability of chemical reactions with container materials and atmosphere. Controlling the atmosphere in a gas-tight chamber by the use of purging gases enables to regulate or avoid melt oxidation or reduction. The gas-tight Furnace Rheometer Systems (FRS gas-tight) from Anton Paar enables the rheological characterization of metal melts, slags, glass melts and more in a gas-tight chamber. Thus, metal melts can be measured in an oxygen-free environment avoiding influences of the well-known surface oxide layer on viscosity measurements [1]. The FRS gas-tight is a modified version of the standard FRS offered by Anton Paar. It is the only commercially available high-temperature rheometer with a sensitivity high enough to measure low-viscous samples (below 10 mPas) like metal melts.

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