Oxidation Stability of Cosmetic Creams and Balms

Cosmetic products can suffer from autoxidation leading to loss of quality. To slow the natural oxidation process cosmetic manufacturers often add antioxidants to their formulations. With the RapidOxy 100 Anton Paar offers an instrument designed to determine and investigate the oxidation stability of such samples.

This Application Report describes the determination of the oxidation stability of solid and semi-solid cosmetic products such as balms and creams. Different massage balm formulations and shea butter samples were tested with the RapidOxy 100. The samples differed in the amount of contained antioxidants. The results demonstrate how quickly and easily oxidation stability of such samples can be determined with this Anton Paar instrument.

The rapid small scale oxidation tester, RapidOxy 100, is a fast, safe and user-friendly alternative to traditional stability test methods. The instrument measures the induction period to determine the oxidation stability. The Oxidation stability of a product gives an indication about its storage stability and shelf life. Compared to other oxidation and storage stability test methods, the RapidOxy 100 procedure requires only a small sample quantity and the closed system guarantees a high precision of the test results.

The RapidOxy 100 artificially accelerates the oxidation process by using increased temperature and oxygen pressure. It is a rapid test method to determine oxidation stability without preliminary sample preparation.

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