Oxidation Stability of Chain Oil

The demand on the united properties of chain oils are one of a kind. Next to creating a strong lubricant film without any dripping, they must also ensure high resistance to corrosion and water washout. High temperature chain oils additionally need an outstandingly high oxidation stability to guarantee these qualities remain during application. This is challenging for both – the formulation and the quality testing. Anton Paar offers with the RapidOxy 100 the perfect tool for determining the oxidation stability of such especially high stable samples in a quick and reliable way.


High temperature chain oils can provide special performance characteristics for their function to reduce friction and heat between moving surfaces in mutual contact. Whatever the demand of application is, outstanding heat resistance and oxidation stability is a must have criterion for these kind of products.Thus, formulation and testing raises some special challenges to the producers. High oxidation stability often comes with a price – long and tedious testing procedures.

Luckily, Anton Paar provides a solution to move to a quick and reliable way for testing high temperature chain oils in a quick and reliable way. RapidOxy 100, the only RSSOT (Rapid Small Scale Oxidation Tester) on the market, features a fast, safe, and user-friendly way to determine the oxidation stability of these unique products under accelerated conditions.

The small sample amount of only 5 mL is beneficial especially when it comes to investigations of costly additives to improve the lifetime of the oil.

Within this report the simple and quick determination of the oxidation stability of chain oil samples is demonstrated. The high temperature range of RapidOxy 100 up to 180 °C is unique and absolutely crucial to allow for reliable results within comparably very short test times. Even more lab time is saved due to the simple set up, full automatic measurement, and close to no cleaning effort.

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