Optimizing Lubricants in Rigid PVC: Formulation Development and Supply Chain Security

12-Hydroxystearic acid (12-HSA) is a common PVC lubricant used for dispersing fillers. It is typically derived from castor oil, primarily sourced from India. Seeking an alternative to castor oil dependence, LOXIOL® G 19 was developed as a substitute lubricant for PVC applications. It offers good compatibility, reduces stickiness, and provides effective anti-plate-out properties as an alternative to 12-HSA.

12-Hydroxystearic acid (12-HSA) is a common PVC lubricant mainly used to disperse inorganic fillers, predominantly chalk, in the PVC matrix. Application is mainly in rigid PVC profiles, pipes and fittings. 12-HSA is sometimes called „the anti plate-out additive“, because of its unique dispersion properties. The only industrial large scale feedstock for 12-HSA is castor oil, which is first hydrogenated and then saponified. Approx. 90 % of the world castor seed production is from India [1]. Approx. 80 % of Indian production is from the federal state of Gujarat [2]. Combining both figures, one can conclude that about 70 % of the world production of castor seed oil is from 1 single Indian state.

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