N - Magnetorheological Device - TwinGap

Relevant for: Materials science, Life science, Chemical industry


Suspensions of micron-sized magnetic particles dispersed in various carrier liquids, the magnetorheological

fluids (MRF) offer some of the most fascinating and promising properties when compared to other sensor and actuator materials. The technological progress resulting from decades of research enables a fine-tuning of MRF’s properties making them suitable for a wide range of applications. Besides their ability to undergo a dramatic change in their viscosity through the application of a magnetic field, qualities such as fast time response, reversibility and improved redispersability qualify the magneto-rheological fluids for applications such as torque or force transmission in valves, braking and clutch systems, vibration damping, automotive shock absorbers as well as in the medical device industry e.g. for “smart magnetix” prosthetic legs.

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