Monitoring of oxidation in lubrication oil

Oxidation is omnipresent in in-service lubrication oil, and it affects the oil properties negatively. The monitoring of the oxidation state is crucial in order to track the oil’s suitability for use. With the Lyza 7000 FTIR spectrometer oxidation can be measured according to ASTM E2412 in any in-service oil.

Oxidation is a common wear and tear effect during the life of lubrication oil. It causes several problems – viscosity increase, acid number increase, and additive depletion. The key to employ a lubrication oil as long as possible, and to replace it when necessary, is to monitor the oxidation level (next to other critical parameters such as viscosity, additive, and soot levels) regularly. An effortless way to do this is to use FTIR spectroscopy for the analysis of lubrication oil.

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