Model Management – optimize your analysis

In order to obtain most accurate results for wines and musts specific to a region or vintage, chemometric models can be refined using a representative set of samples. A standard operating procedure for creation of a so-called custom model is fully integrated in Lyza 5000 Wine.

Why create a custom model?

Must and finished wine are natural products. Their taste and their constituents depend on the grapes which are being used. Not only the type of grapes, but also the location where the grapes have been grown, the climate and weather conditions during growth as well as many other factors have an influence on the chemical composition of wine.

A chemometric model is based on a great variety of wine or must samples and thus covers sample types worldwide. Usually samples which are measured in one laboratory lie in a limited range for one parameter (e.g. low sugar levels, 0 to 5 g/L fructose) and therefore represent only a small part of the range covered by the base model which is integrated in Lyza 5000 Wine (e.g. fructose 0 to 160 g/L).

In order to optimize the chemometric model and tailor it to the samples of interest one can create a custom model. In this application report a custom model for a wine producer was created based on the base model for “Wine”.

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