Mixture Analysis for Organic Solvent Detection using Cora 100

Cora 100 easily identifies single components in a mixture of five different organic solvents by their unique chemical fingerprint.

The first step when dealing with any HazMat accident is the threat detection. The main issue in this step is the fact that the hazardous material is often not an ideal pure sample. Usually, it is a mixture of several chemical compounds. This can complicate the identification, because not all analytical techniques used for on-site threat detection are capable of detecting individual components of such mixtures.

One of the techniques, which can be used in such cases, is Raman spectroscopy. This technology can be used for the identification of hazardous materials, explosives, narcotics, and chemical warfare agents under real conditions in a hot zone. As an extra benefit, modern handheld Raman instruments like Anton Paar’s Cora 100 use state-of-the-art data analysis algorithms, which make them capable of detecting mixtures of such compounds within seconds and improve significantly the process of threat detection on-site. This is demonstrated in the present report.

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