Minerals | Viscosity Testing of Bentonite Clay with ViscoQC

Learn how you can check the quality of your bentonite clay with a rotational viscometer. The thickening agent bentonite is an important mineral for many industries. Let ViscoQC boost your quality control!

Bentonite clay is a very soft plastic clay which consists predominantly of montmorillonite. Key properties of bentonite are its swelling and water absorption behavior. Bentonite increases its volume several times when coming into contact with water. It creates a gelatinous and viscous substance with a shear thinning behavior. The mineral is in use in pharma, food, cosmetics, and chemical industry.

The swelling properties of bentonite are frequently used in drilling mud. At rest, the clay is a highly viscous gel which gets liquid-like during pumping due to its shear thinning properties. Afterwards the bentonite clay returns to its jelly state again. Before bentonite is taken into use, the quality of the material needs to be checked.

Testing the dynamic viscosity with rotational viscometers like ViscoQC 100/300 guarantees the performance of the clay for the application.

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