Metals | Semi-finished products | Cleaning and preservation

An accurate control of the oil concentration in solvents and the solvent concentration in water is important to obtain the required cleaning quality and corrosion protection of semi-finished products. This can be easily achieved with Anton Paar's L-Dens 3300, L-Dens 7400 density sensors or L-Sonic 5100/6100 sound velocity sensors.

In the metal processing industry, efficient component cleaning is of particular importance to fulfill cleanliness requirements and to guarantee appropriate component quality. Thus, the cleaning processes needs to be continuously improved. Metal cleaning is an indispensable measure in the surface treatment of metals. For thermochemical and electroplating processes, it needs to be ensured that the metal surfaces are absolutely clean and residue-free, so that a perfect coating adhesion can be assured. Besides, the quality of the cleaning operations can only be ensured by the use of specific cleaning media. To ensure that the cleaning and subsequent corrosion protection are as effective as possible and of highest quality, the composition of the mixtures of cleaning and corrosion protection media must be accurate. This can be ensured by a highly accurate process sensors from Anton Paar.

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