Measuring Permeability: Metal and Catalyst Powders

In many industrial applications such as pneumatic transport, aerosolization, tableting processes and additive manufacturing, understanding the properties and behavior of powders and granular media is essential. This application report describes a characterization method for measuring permeability with the Powder Cell from Anton Paar and analysis of the data.


The Powder Cell from Anton Paar provides a wide range of characterization methods for powders and granular media. In this application report, a test for measuring permeability is discussed.

Permeability is a key property of materials, especially of their porous portions. It describes the resistance to flow of a fluid or gas through a porous material. Considering the fact that many powders and granular media feature high porosity, it is of great interest to find a way to measure the permeability with high accuracy. Darcy’s law can be used for calculating permeability, using the viscosity of air, the length and cross section of the powder column, and the pressure differential in the cell. All of these factors can be measured with the Powder Cell from Anton Paar.

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