Measuring Low Surface Area Materials Using Nova 600 | 800 Series Instruments

Low surface area materials have many practical uses in, for example, the battery, building material, and pharmaceutical industries. Reliable BET surface area measurements are critical in understanding how small differences in surface area affect or correlate to the application. Anton Paar Nova X00 Series instruments are capable of repeatable BET surface area measurements with as low as 2 m2 total surface area in the sample cell and for materials with surface areas as low as 0.01 m2/g.


Generating accurate and repeatable BET-specific surface area (SSA) measurements for materials that exhibit low surface area or on small sample quantities that have inherently small absolute surface area is crucial. Industries such as energy storage (batteries), pharmaceutical formulation, water purification, and building material production, are especially in need of these quality measurements.

In this report, results from determining the minimum amount of total surface area in a sample cell needed to achieve < 2% repeatability are described. In addition, results from a parallel investigation of a low surface area sample (~0.01 m2/g) to determine repeatability under these conditions are documented.

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