Measuring Formic Acid Concentration Using an Abbemat Refractometer

Formic acid (methanoic acid) is used in the production of animal feed, but also in the textile, pharmaceutical, and food industry (E 237). An Abbemat refractometer from Anton Paar can be used to easily measure formic acid solution (up to 68 %) which is important to ensure a good quality in the production process.

Formic acid (also known as methanoic acid) is a colorless, caustic, and water-soluble acid with a sharp smell. Plants and animals are able to use formic acid for attack or defense. The salts of the formic acid are called formates.

Because of its acidity, aldehyde nature, and reducing properties, formic acid is used in different types of industries. In Europe, it is mainly used for the production of animal feed.

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