Measurement of PVC Melt Viscosities by Torque Rheometer

In the PVC industry, various methods, such as the Plastograph, single screw extruder, and counter-rotating twin-screw extruder, are employed in laboratories to simulate processing behavior. Results from these methods are often not easily transferable between each other, yet they provide valuable information.

Various methods are used in the PVC industry to determine the processing behavior in the laboratory on different devices such as:
- Plastograph
- Single screw extruder
- Counter-rotating twin-screw extruder
to simulate. The results of one of these methods are rarely transferrable to another. However, they all have a right to exist. Both the single screw extruder and the counter rotating twin-screw extruder will deliver information about:
- Extrusion torque
- Extrusion pressures and pressure buildup if several pressure sensors are available
- Melt temperature
- Melt viscosity if there is a pressure sensor both in the barrel at the end of the screw and in the die.

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