Material Brief: Water Sorption and Hysteresis Scanning of a Desiccant - autosorb iQ

A designer desiccant material was investigated for its cycling behavior using water at 20 °C on the autosorb iQ. The autosorb iQ is capable of observing multiple cycling events to test a material’s life-cycle performance or to optimize the regeneration process.

A new material’s isosteric heats of adsorption/desorption can be a way to investigate this energy requirement. Important properties for desiccants can be obtained by observing the total uptake of water at a given percent relative humidity, %RH, (also known as the relative pressure or p/p0). To determine a desiccant’s water uptake and if its uptake is altered when used more than once, the autosorb iQ’s built-in hysteresis scanning feature was used to cycle the desiccant through multiple iterations of water adsorption and desorption.

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