Material Brief: Tapped Density and Flowability of Ground Coffee - Autotap

Several roasts of ground coffee were analyzed using the Autotap for their tapped densities following USP <616> and flowability information from the Carr Index and Hausner Ratio according to USP <1174>.

Dried material packaging (such as that for ground coffee) relies on information gained from tapped density starting from its bulk or untapped density.  This volumetric and density information aids in selecting the appropriate containers to distribute the goods while reducing waste in packaging materials.   

Additional properties, for consumables and industrial materials, include the compressibility index and Hausner ratio. This information assists in determining flowability to design the processes to transport materials. Solid materials with higher flowability will compress more than less flowable materials. The Anton Paar Autotap and Dual Autotap comply with USP <616> as shown here by analyzing different ground coffees.

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