Material Brief: Pore Size of a Polymeric Scaffold - Porometer 3G micro

Capillary flow porometry was used to evaluate the through pore size distribution of an engineered membrane for medical applications using the Porometer 3G. Two wetting fluids with different vapor pressures, yet similar surfaces tensions, were compared. According to ASTM F316 and F2450, the largest through pores were determined from the bubble point.

The through pore size distribution is an important property of polymeric scaffold membranes. Porous membranes can exhibit both through pores (pores accessible from both sides of the membrane) and blind pores (pores with only one entrance). The largest through pore and through pore size distribution are outlined in ASTM F316 and F2450. The Porometer 3G micro complies with these international standards and was used to evaluate a polymeric scaffold membrane used in biomedical applications.

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