Lubricants | Viscosity Measurement of Lubricating Oils

The Anton Paar SVM Viscometer allows for reliable determination of both kinematic and dynamic viscosity and additional calculation of the Viscosity Index (VI) with just one filling.


Viscosity is the most important parameter of a lube oil. It is essential to determine a lube’s

  • Kinematic viscosity at +100 °C,
    further the
  • Kinematic viscosity at +40 °C,
    in order to calculate the
  • Viscosity Index (VI).

In addition, an oil must fulfill several other parameters. Anton Paar provides the SVM 3001 Viscometer for measurement according to ASTM D7042. It is an excellent alternative to conventional capillary viscometry for fast and economical measurement of the low-shear kinematic viscosity over a wide temperature range.

This report describes specifically how to test fresh lube oils with the SVM 3001 to get data comparable to ASTM D445. The instrument's software is able to calculate the VI from usual viscosity values at 40 °C and 100 °C and from other temperatures according to ASTM D341. 

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