Lubricants | Viscosity Measurement for In-Service Oil

The Anton Paar SVM viscometer series allows for fast and reliable monitoring of the quality of in-service oil. One filling is enough for precise determination of both kinematic and dynamic viscosity and additional calculation of the Viscosity Index (VI). Metal measuring cells, independence of thermostat baths, and compact design make SVM the ideal tool for testing oils that are in use.


Viscosity is a key parameter in determining the quality of lubricating oil. Used oil clearly shows a lower VI (Viscosity Index) and different viscosity than a fresh one of the same type. The lower the VI, the more the oil is influenced by temperature changes. Therefore, a lube oil's viscosity and/or VI are more reliable indicators for the condition of the lube oil than mileage or time of use. It is essential to determine the following parameters:

  • Kinematic viscosity at +100 °C
  • Kinematic viscosity at +40 °C,
  • Viscosity Index (VI), calculated from the both above values

In addition, used oil analysis includes various other parameters to be tested. Anton Paar provides the SVM X001 Viscometer for measurement according to DIN 51659-2 and to ASTM D7042, respectively. It is an excellent alternative to conventional capillary viscometry for fast and economical measurement of the low-shear kinematic viscosity over a wide temperature range.

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