Lubricants | SVM 1001 for Kinematic Viscosity Measurement of In-Service Oils

SVM 1001 provides quick and easy measurements of in-service oils. The instrument helps to ensure machinery health and save cost and time by monitoring the oil’s condition and identifying the right time for an oil exchange.

Viscosity is an important parameter for oil condition monitoring. Based on the difference in kinematic viscosity between fresh and used lubricant, in-service oil analysis can provide information on the wear condition of the machinery/equipment, as well as the contamination and condition of the lubricant. The benefits of used oil analysis are increased reliability and productivity, and savings in maintenance costs by increasing the uptime of running machines. OCM (Oil Condition Monitoring) also helps to avoid unwanted and costly downtimes due to damage to machinery.

The SVM 1001 viscometer enables quick and easy measurements of kinematic viscosity according to standard test method ASTM D7042. One compact measuring cell, short time-to-result and liquid-free thermostatting combined with the optional magnetic particle trap makes SVM 1001 an excellent alternative to conventional glass capillary systems.

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