Lubricants | SVM 1001 for Fast and Easy Quality Control of Engine Oils

Kinematic viscosity is a key parameter for the quality and performance of engine oils. Anton Paar’s SVM 1001 offers fast, reliable, compliant and economical determination of kinematic viscosity and is therefore an excellent alternative to manual capillary viscometers.

Engine oils are formulated oils which consist of mineral, semi-, or fully synthetic base oil and additives. The main requirements are defined temperature-viscosity properties, protection against wear and corrosion, keeping the engine clean by holding particles like soot or abrasives in suspension and many more. Therefore, viscosity is the most important property; it influences lubricating behavior, surface dispersion and heat transfer, how easily the oil circulates, and provides information about the load-bearing capacity.

With the SVM 1001 kinematic viscometer series, Anton Paar provides fast, easy, and economical viscosity measurement according to ASTM D7042. SVM 1001 is an excellent alternative to conventional manual glass capillary viscometers when it comes to the quality control of engine oils. The instrument provides automatic kinematic viscosity measurements without the need for additional equipment and avoids errors during manual calculation of results. This application report gives an overview of the measuring settings for engine oil analysis and a comparison to results obtained by ASTM D445 measurements.

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