Liposomes: Size Measurements with the Litesizer 500

Relevant for: Litesizer™ 500, dynamic light scattering, particle size, liposomes, drug delivery

Liposomes are small, spherical vesicles consisting of at least one lipid bilayer surrounding an aqueous core. These vesicles are intensively studied as drug carriers for e.g. cancer therapy. For these applications, an accurate determination of liposome size and stability is a key element of the manufacturing process. We performed size measurements by dynamic light scattering on a liposome preparation using the Litesizer™ 500. A time series showed that the mean particle radius remained stable over 15 hours at 25 °C, while a temperature series demonstrated a modest but constant increase in size when temperatures rose above 25 °C. A high degree of precision and repeatability was observed, indicating that the Litesizer™ is an excellent tool for studying the size and stability of liposomes. 

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