Keep an Eye on the Temperature

Temperature is among the most frequently measured parameters, resulting in a great variety and number of temperature sensors. Many production processes require highly precise monitoring of the temperature. The MKT 50 millikelvin thermometer copes effortlessly.

Temperature measurement matters in many places

Temperature is one of the most frequently measured physical properties and plays a key role in almost every industry. To ensure and maintain the high quality and reliability of measurements, the temperature sensors need to be calibrated regularly.

MKT 50: The ideal solution for calibrating temperature sensors

The MKT 50 millikelvin thermometer is not only a highly accurate thermometer, but it can also be used as a reference system for calibration purposes. A comparison calibration is generally performed twice a year to compare the reading of a temperature sensor with a precise reference sensor connected to the MKT 50 millikelvin thermometer. MKT 50 measures the temperature to the highest level of accuracy and fulfills all requirements for comparison calibration. The MKT 50 millikelvin thermometer is an instrument that can be operated in combination with various temperature sensors.

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