Ink Measurement with DSA 5000 M and Lovis 2000 M/ME

The technical properties of each printer as well as the properties of the ink utilized are equally important for an optimized printing process. The measurement of density, sound velocity and viscosity allows monitoring the ink composition.

Anton Paar provides the ink industry with numerous measuring instruments to ensure the quality of ink and to support the developments of new ink formulations. One instrument which has proven indispensable for the characterization of ink samples is the DSA 5000 M density and sound velocity meter, another one is the Lovis 2000 M/ME rolling-ball microviscometer.

Also the combination of a DSA 5000 M master instrument and a Lovis 2000 ME rolling-ball viscometer module is available. Knowing the density, the sound velocity, and the viscosity of ink is of great importance for ink producers because these physical properties provide important information on quality and usability of the raw material and the final product. Especially sound velocity measurements on ink represent an easy way to check on the purity of the raw material and the resonance homogeneity of ink. The flow properties of ink and the droplet size and formation are strongly affected by the ink’s viscosity.

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